Hiblow XP-80 Septic Air Pump

Hiblow XP-80 is Hiblows rare earth magnet pump. This pump is used for aerobic septic system units that require the introduction of oxygen. The oxygen is able to efficiently break down the waste product and the result is an environmentally safe effluent.

The XP80 is an international pump with a proven track record of success. With approximately 10 years on the market, this septic air pump is fully equipped with multiple safety features.

Although this pump has been in production for 10 years, it is just now being introduced to the USA market. The Hiblow XP-80 was a huge international success. The Hiblow XP-80 septic air pump has been in production in both Europe and Asia. This international success is largely due to the XP taking less power to run. The Hiblow XP-80 takes 0.9 amps compared to 1.6 amps for a normal Hiblow pump. The efficient power saving pump presents a financial saving opportunity for consumers.

The reduced power consumption also translates into less heat, being generated within the septic unit. With less heat being created the unit will be able to work for a longer period of time. This is because the structural integrity of the unit can be directly related to its temperature regulation capabilities. A unit that consistently runs with a high temperature will more quickly degrade the diaphragm material.

In addition to creating less heat, the Hiblow XP-80 also has a thermal overload protection system. Another money-saving safety feature is the Hiblow XP-80’s integral low-pressure alarm.

The low air pressure alarm will recognize any unusual drops in air pressure. A significant drop in air pressure could mean that the unit or air pump is failing to perform properly. Being alerted to low air pressure early on can prevent money from being wasted on faulty functions.

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Product Specifications

  • Fits 500 and 600 GPD aerobic treatment systems
  • 3.7 cfm (cubic feet per minute) Maximum Air Flow (@ 0 PSI)
  • 80 LPM (Liters Per Minute) @ 2.13 PSI
  • Operating Pressure Range: 0.73 - 3.99 PSI
  • 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 0.9A, 58 Watts
  • 36 dBA Measured @ 1 Meter
  • Dimensions: 8.19'' L x 5.2'' W x 7.32'' H
  • Rubber 90 with Hose Clamps Included
  • 1/8'' Brass Alarm Connection Fitting Included
  • 2-Year Warranty


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Hiblow is known for providing top-of-the-line septic aerators. Truly, they are known for their longevity and premium grade materials. In fact, Hiblow's aerators have been put to the test across the country and proven to last long lives. Not to mention rebuild kits are available to prolong the lifespan of your pump. Nevertheless, they have been known to power systems around the world for nearly 100 years.
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