Series: HP Alarm Series

HP Alarm Series aerators come standard with an alarm attached. This alarm will alert you to any issues regarding your pump. Although the alarm can be silenced while you fix the issue, the red light will remain on until the issue is fully resolved. This allows you to be certain that the problem at hand is completely fixed.

HP Alarm Series Pumps

The Hiblow HP Series continues with its great versatility with the alarm model. The HP Alarm series has an integral alarm that is attached to the unit. This alarm will sense low pressure situations such as the air line to the septic system is separated, the alarm unit will sense there is not enough pressure and the alarm will sound. The alarm will also notify you if there is something wrong with the unit such as diaphragm failure or the unit turns off. The 100-decibel alarm and light clearly notify you so that you can quickly repair or replace the unit. This reduces your down time and if used in pond applications, could be the difference between your fish being saved and not being saved. The alarm unit powers the aerator itself so that if the aerator shuts off from it’s built in safety switch, the alarm is not turned off. It comes with a test, mute, and run switch and adds only inches to the total size of the unit. It is outdoor rated, not affected by the rain. The alarm series is good when no control panel is hooked up to the house for septic system due to there being no pump and can reduce overall cost of the installation if this can be achieved. The light is a visual alert and the buzzer is the audible alert which is required by NSF on aerobic septic systems, so the Hiblow can act as all of these things when getting certified.

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